The Shimmering Dead End
Thoughts on the packaging and sale of nonduality

All the happiness there’s no one there to have

Last Saturday, I presented a 45-minute talk called “The Folk Theory of Nondual Enlightenment” at the 2009 Science and Nonduality Conference in San Rafael, CA. Not too long after I arrived, it occurred to me that nonduality spirituality seems to be becoming the new “Secret,” especially now that we’re in the post-sweat lodge of death-era.

This is good news for a poor economy, but only more bad news for nonduality spirituality. It’s been taking a beating from the commercial Indian gurus for years, and now it’s about to be inundated with nondual therapists and all the bunk happiness and success hawkers who won’t be selling the “Secret” anymore.

In the rapidly developing economy of nonduality spirituality, ignorance is going to be the number one commodity, and with more and more teachers promising what will always only be a shimmering dead end, there’s plenty of need for discriminators in the community. I’ve appointed myself to the position of a discriminator. All are welcome to help.


2 Responses to “All the happiness there’s no one there to have”

  1. I wonder if “Nonduality” shouldn’t be dropped as a go-to moniker.

    ‘Shaman’, ‘spiritual’, ‘sacred warrior’, ‘guru’, ‘love’ on and on – those words are bleached of meaning, porous, absorbing the pigments their users grind in.

    So of *course* it’s nearly impossible to communicate.

    We must agree on the specific meanings of words and phrases, give them unequivocal definitions, banish ‘vague’.

    “Surrender to the Now” for instance – what does that mean? Fuck your boyfriend’s son? Convert to Islam at gunpoint? Merge with the Divine?

  2. You are preaching to the choir, sister. But there’s got to be a term, and “nonduality” is the one in the most use, so it seems like the one to go with.

    For a while, I used to say ‘this’, but in the end, that doesn’t describe the culture of nonduality spirituality, which is pretty much what this blog is trying to get at.

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